Domestication Indignity #4,652

""He's a man-man! He's my little man! Yes he is! Yes! He! Is! HEY! HEY BABY!"


"He's a little man-man."

"I know! He IS a little man-man!"

"He's a good boy! He is SUCH a good boy!"

"He IS a good boy."

"You! Are! Such! A! Good! Boy! Youaresuchagoodboy! ... HEY! HEY BABY! HEY!"


"He is such a good boy!"

"I know!"

"He's a good boy! He's a little lap dog! He's a little man! He's a little man-man! He loves The Papa! He's on The Papa's lap! He's my little snuggie boy! HEY BABY! HEY! HE'S MY LITTLE SNUGGIE BOY!"

"Yes, I can see that."

"He's my little snuggie boy! He's my little adventure boy! He went for a walk on San Felasco!"



"Yes dear."

"Do you love The Papa? Do you love The Papa? Did you walk a mile on San Felasco? Yes you did! You walked a mile on San Felasco! Mister Handsome! Mister Pee Pee! Mister Adventure!"

"What's that red mark on his stomach?"

"Aw, let him alone. You don't need to inspect him every time I..."

"What is that? Is that a tick?"

"Leave him be! Mister Pee Pee Boy and The Papa are enjoying a little lap time! Dogs get red marks and scratches and shit on them all the time. Well, manly dogs. Good dogs! Good little dogs that love adventure! Do you love adventure, Mister Pee Pee Boy? Oh, he does! He loves adventure! He loves The Papa! Oh, little Mister Adventure!"

"Oh god, I think he's got a tick. Here, hold him up in the light where I can see..."

"C'mon, Mister Pee Pee. Let's go in the light where The Mama can inspect you."

"Uh, it is a tick! It's disgusting!"

"So get it off him."

"It's his first tick! I don't know what to do! I don't want to leave the head in him! Should we light it on fire?"

"Jesus, I don't know. Maybe put nail polish on it?"

"I'm going to put some cream on it..."

"Aw, that cream won't do shit. Let me go see what it says on the Internet."


"OK, it says to get some tweezers, grab the tick close to the skin, and pull gently until it lets go and comes out. It said if we light it on fire or put nail polish on the tick it could barf germs into the wound."

"I have tweezers in the bathroom. Hold on while I go get them."




"Here, I found the tweezers..."

"Well tweeze that shit out of him. I'm getting tired."

"Hold on, Mister Man. Let me get that tick... Oh, this is disgusting. I can't believe he got a tick."

"Baby, sometimes that's what happens when you love adventure and are a little Mister Natural Man-Man who loves to go walk a mile on San Felasco. Now hurry it up."

"I can't get a hold... OK, there... Damn it, the tick's not letting go!"

"I think you've got some hairs pinched up in your tweezer there... Grab the tick here..."

"Oh god, I think I just crushed it...

"Baby, hurry it up. The Internet said the tick will barf germs."

"Ugh, this is disgusting... Wait, here we go... Oh! Shit! I think I left the head in!"

"Baby, my arms hurt. He's a stout little guy."

"Let me put some alcohol on him..."

"Just get the damn tick head out already! It's probably barfing germs and my arms hurt!"

"OK, OK! Alright... Alright, here we go... That's a little man-man... That's a good dog..."

"He is a good dog. He's a stoic little man! He's also very heavy."

"Let me just see if he has any more ticks... What's that? Is that another tick?!"

"It's his nipple! Relax!"

"I hate them! I hate ticks! Oh, they're disgusting!"

"Baby, they're part of the natural order of things... All part of God's plan... His plan to fill the world with weird disgusting shit to bum you out, heh heh..."

"Alright, let me put some alcohol on him... And some of this cream...."

"Give him a biscuit, too. He's a stoic little guy."

"Yesssss, he's a good boy... Dear, you've got something on your pants..."

"Yeah, I know... It's just dog hair and — JESUS!"


"Baby, I don't think that's dog hair."

"Holy fucking balls! Cuckoo, what did you do to The Papa?! Oh, for fuck's sake!"

"Baby, you need to change your pants before you go back to work."

"Son of a dirty fucking whore! He didn't just stamp a little poop stamp on me this time! That's a full-blown skidmark! Little fucker! Little Poo Man!"

"Baby, that's disgusting. Go change your pants!"

"Awwwww, look, there's, like, an actual doo doo ball on me! A bona fide doo doo ball! Mother fuck! Fucking cock!"

"Go! Change! Your! Pants!"

"Here, baby, touch it. Touch the doo doo ball."

"Get away from me!"

"Touch my crotch! Touch my doo doo crotch!"


"Holy Jesus in Heaven above, what a disgusting mess. Cuckoo! Cuckoo dog! Come here! Why? Why you want to put the doo doo on The Papa?"


"Just be glad I noticed it before you got back to work."