Art Show

Yaaah! Scary.

Aw, babies.

lap dance
"That's nice! I'm sure Allen would really like — Wait, can I get a what?!"

show off
"Nobody likes a showoff, Giuseppe."

"Papa P, why is he crying?"

"He's not crying!"

"Then what's he doing?"

"It's, like, a... roar of pagan triumph!"

"No. I'm pretty sure he's crying."

"Stop saying that! It's totally a battlecry of Satanic fury!"

"Boo hoo, he's sad."

"Look, he's... You know what? You're grounded."

family life
"This is what's it's like coming over here for dinner."

"Ah, Giuseppe, um... Cuckoo doesn't have any balls."

"Sure he does! He..."

"No, look close. There's just one, and it's small."

"He... He..."

"It's just, like, a cyst."

papa p
How children see me.


kaila said...

You are a freak - but I like ya.

House of Jules said...

This made my day, which should tell you how my day went. I think it's hilarious that this is the first post on your new blog that isn't tagged with "balls" in any way. Especially with that last drawing.
House of Jules

Joan of Argghh! said...

My whole day has pretty much been like this.

Best blog post evah!!!

Gutshot said...

Wow. Give a guy a day off work and watch the sparks fly... wheeee!

ben said...

"ballz" rule.

Eden Kennedy Onassis said...

You haven't actually been granted the power to ground Tessa, have you? I imagine it should probably be the other way around.

Patrick Hughes said...

The power to ground Tessa? Most days I'm just happy to not be sleeping in the yard.

Megan said...

Excellent art, and I work in an art gallery.

panajane said...

That seems about right.

Susskins said...

My inner child just lost its innocence.

h.h. aspaspia said...

Cool pictures!

Bill A. said...

I love your art work and sense of expression. Very good. You made me laugh with the pic of you stating watch the flying dog LOL.

Auntie Yaya said...

Is that lion from Ed Emberly's Drawing Book of Animals? Because...awesome!

Patrick Hughes said...

You know... I think it is from that book. Either that or Penthouse Forum.

Nicole Hughes: destraught relative.... said...

Even for a Hughes, you have some serious psychological issues. But, despite my own internal struggle, I love it!

Michele said...

Would it be okay if I made a T-shirt with the church-burning metal guy? Just one, for personal use. I'll pay you a dollar in royalties.